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Lamis Khalil - Infusing Glamour to a Sombre!

Image: Actress Sana Youssef, styled by StyleSchool Talent Lamis Khalil

StyleSchool Talent Lamis Khalil is incessantly spreading her charm in the Fashion Industry in Cairo, with her creative styling techniques which emit sheer excellence!

Organically inclined towards setting her roots firm in the styling arena, Lamis joyously expresses, ” I had the taste long time ago as I used to style all my friends and later realized that can take it as a profession. I have the passion and the creativity. I know how to twist any outfit to be an outstanding look.”

Image : Image Consultant & StyleSchool Alumni, Lamis Khalil

Lamis undertook three courses from StyleSchool in Cairo - Fashion Business, Personal Styling & Shopping & Celebrity Styling, gaining immense popularity in the fashion market in a short span.

While scrolling through her starry Instagram profile, we were thrilled to see her marvelous styling sessions and effortless engagement with her followers. Therefore while discussing over this boom Lamis responded,” I do both styling tips and sessions through Instagram and through fashion shows or photo-shoots. This definitely helps to engage more with my audience while keeps my account growing and growing.”

Image : StyleSchool Talents with their Fashion Business Mentor Ghadir Alagabany

Moreover the splendid stylist has also been a part of numerous live shows, putting some light on it she responds, ”For me, I have learnt from all the live shows I have attended however styling Miss Elite World 2022 in GFF was a remarkable upgrade.”

Image : Miss Elite Egypt 2022 Maya Adel, Styled by Lamis

Lamis’s portfolio is extensive but when asked about her favourite project as a Stylist, she tell us, ”Al Baron fashion show has my heart. Styling more than 30 models was a challenge for me, especially when fashion meets a historical place like Al Baron Palace.”

While the life of a stylist is pumped up with glitz and glamour but it also comes along tedious work hours while being on errands 24x7. When prompted Lamis for a quick insight into the life of a stylist, she instantly answered,” Any stylist should be organized, always out of the box, having creativity as a motto and always understand their personality before styling.”

Image : Lamis Khalil works on styling for fashion brand Opio.

Lamis Khalil’s impactful styling approach truly has us moved and each look styled by her reflects her passion!



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