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Styling Alumna Aya styles for Elle Arabia in Cairo

Image: Elle Arabia x El Kasr Jewelry, Styled by Aya Nada

Scrolling over the gram and stalking through fashion magazines with enormous zeal to take notes on styling is a usual tale for all. While tossing over fashion trends, our attention shifted towards Fashion Stylist & StyleSchool Cairo alumna, Aya Nada.

Being an image consultant and a certified personal, editorial, commercial & celebrity fashion stylist from StyleSchool, Aya has accomplished numerous shoots while moving ahead on the ladder of finesse and success!

Image : Zaam Bags x Dalia El Gabry Haute Couture Shoot, Styled by Aya Nada

Taking us through her thought process, Aya elaborates, ”I believe that styling has become the most influential marketing tool. Fashion stylists are the key players in the fashion world and our role is becoming more important nowadays in an industry saturated with brands that seek to stand out from one another. It’s style, how you wear the clothing, that makes all the difference. This is what I am really passionate about, utilising styling and art direction to tell a fashion story visually.”

Image : StyleSchool Styling Alumna Aya Nada

A marketer by profession who spread her wings across different industries namely Banking, F&B, FMCG & Cosmetics, she currently holds the position of Marketing Manager at L'Oréal Professional while working on various styling projects.

Image: Elle Arabia x El Kasr Jewelry, Styled by Aya Nada

Her latest work is an entrancing campaign for Elle Arabia x El Kasr Jewelry. With a gleaming smile over her recent milestone, Aya said, “I am very happy and proud that I collaborated with Elle Arabia, one of the leading fashion magazines in the Middle East. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. This shoot is very close to my heart as it represents my style so much and it is a very big step in my fashion styling journey.“

Image: Decorative Glass x RKAN, Styled by Aya Nada

When solicited about a special highlight in her journey, the talented stylist said, ”I would say 2021 is a special year and a highlight in my styling journey as it enriched my experience and helped me to understand myself better and discover new talents and skills.”

Pivoting over the emotions and essence of fashion, Aya Nada’s charisma, styling techniques and achievements truly has us moved & we wish her all the best with her upcoming projects.

Explore Aya's work here.


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