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Cairo Fashion Business Alumnus launches brand MEROË

An effortless amalgamation of minimalism and mindful fashion.

Image : MEROË

Post the pandemic not only lives but choices too have drastically altered, as we witness a generous ratio of consumers getting inclined towards silhouettes which are unapologetically high on comfort while also having the style quotient at par.

MEROË is a well-crafted label focusing on elementary and practical garments, launched by a StyleSchool Alumnus of Starting a Fashion Business in Cairo, Moustafa Dawood. Moustafa who specializes in business management, alongside his co-founder Sarah Dawood who also has a long withstanding in the fashion & art industry ventured into MEROË, with an aim to change the industry perspective from fast to slow by providing silhouettes that last beyond the season.

Image : MEROË

As Moustafa says ,”It all started with passion, hard work, the ability to focus and never give up. We design from life experiences, art, music, traditions, cultures, places we have visited, people we have met along the way. We taste, see, and feel the culture while it’s raw. In all honesty the inspirations come from everything other than fashion. We enjoy all of the creative, artistic, and technical aspects of designing our clothing.”

The brand name is based on a city’s name which was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush (The Nubian Kingdom) around 590 BC. Shedding some light on the vision of the label, the co-founder said,” We believe that sustainable clothing should never compromise. We thoughtfully created garments with effortless style, high quality, and impeccable fit. We do this through responsible sourcing and ethical production so they can be consciously kept and given a second life after ownership.”

Image : Fashion Business Cairo Alumnus Moustafa Dawood, along with co-founder of MEROË, Sarah Dawood

Each silhouette created by MEROË takes an individual through each phase of the day with ease with solid hues, crisp hemlines & timeless style and the label sternly follows the norms of ethical fashion by utilizing natural fibers and textile which are aesthetically pleasing, provides supreme comfort and performance, giving a relaxed look and breathable feel.

Spilling some beans on the brand’s USP and all-time favorite collection, Moustafa continues, ”Our very first collection will always be our favorite. Moreover our intention is to put forward garments which boost your confidence while being modern and edgy. And with unique designs and authentic feel, MEROË can make you feel empowered and appreciated.”

Image : MEROË

While pursuing to expand globally through its website and concept stores, the label plans on using varied fabrics from the previous years with entrancing embroideries and prints for its upcoming collection. MEROË steps in using mindful fashion as a self-expression to play along as the extravagance of day to day lives!

Explore the brand here.



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